Rickey D. Hill personally has over 35 years of experience building organizations including churches and organizations. After leaving corporate America, Rickey served in numerous roles over a 16-year period at Friendship-West Baptist Church.  Roles included Pastor of Administration and Christian Education, Capital Stewardship Campaign Director, Construction Manager, Sunday School Teacher, Trustee, Deacon and Men’s Ministry Leader.

Overall success includes growing the church membership from 100 to well over 12,000, increased staff from seven to 75, purchased 60 acres of land and successfully completed a $30M building project, appraised over $43M, and established over seven community development LLC corporations to further God’s vision to the community.  Internally, established 60 ministries to impact, facilitate and support the community’s transformational efforts.

I oversaw and authored the standard operations policies and procedures that were used to build the infrastructure of the church.  Under the leadership of Dr. Frederick Haynes, Board of Directors and congregation, I was responsible for the entire operation–business and pastoral.  As my responsibilities continued to grow over the years, my title changed, eventually ending as Executive Pastor.

On May 4, 2014, after 16 years of service I began to pursue my vision of helping other ministries around the country to fulfill their kingdom-building purpose.  Dr. Haynes and the church fully embraced and supported this new calling and stands as one of my biggest allies. His words and I quote, “Pastor Hill and I, throughout the years, have been in some major wars, and there is no one better to have in a fox hole with you in the midst of a battle than Pastor Rick Hill!”


Rickey attained a Masters of Divinity with a concentration in Biblical Languages from Southwestern Theological Seminary.  He also earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Houston with a minor in Mathematics.  After graduating from the University of Houston, h began his career as a project engineer with United States Gypsum (USG), a leader in the manufacture of building products, such as sheetrock and other building products where he managed and engineered the installation of projects worth in excess of $10,000 to $2,000,000.  In 1987, he was promoted to a General Foreman and relocated to the largest plant in the system in Jacksonville, Florida where he reported directly to the chief executive.  Three months he advanced to the role of Superintendent where he managed over 50 employees.

In 1989, further advancement landed Rickey in Dallas, Texas as Operations Manager, where he grew the plant from 25 seasonal employees to over 80 full-time permanent employees year-round.  The plant sales exceeded $50MM and grew so large that warehousing and inventory was moved to a satellite location.  Rickey achieved the best on-time and complete order shipment percentage in the company across 50 states and never dropped below 97-98%. After nine years he pursued his call to ministry.

My wife, Detra Hill Esquire, has practiced law for over 32 years. She brings a wealth of legal knowledge in the areas of municipal, corporate and civil litigation.

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